Interlock Pavers, Interlocking Paver Blocks, Interlocking Tiles, Interlocking Paving Blocks !

We propose a comprehensive choice of Interlocking Paver Blocks they are put on using hydraulic compression process. These Paver Blocks are used to offer elegant flooring. We supply our product in a variety of bright colors like olive green, dove grey, saffron and terracotta. These are simple to work with as these can be set without cement bonding and are easy to remove when needed.

Interlocking Paver Block

Paving Blocks used for open-air floors are in huge demand in modern building remaining to their charisma, stoutness and wealth. Paving blocks floors can be finished in any design or outline preferred. Interlocking Tiles are basically popular because of the unlimited variety of pleasing patterns and highlighted schemes. Paving blocks are increasingly used not only in walks ways & jogging tracks but also in entire building compounds, storage yards, petrol stations, swimming pool decks, parking lots and other landscaping areas.

Interlock Pavers provide extra strength and durability over traditional bricks and blocks and can be used to build walkways, driveways, patios and retaining walls. Because they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes, these stones are an extremely flexible building material.


Using Interlocking Pavers for Your Landscaping Project

  • Garden borders and accents
  • Driveways and entrances
  • Outdoor fireplaces, kitchens and barbecues
  • Pillars and columns for gazebos and pergolas
  • Planters and seat walls
  • Steps
  • Swimming pool and spa decks

If you live in a home where you entertain guests on a regular basis, you can see how Interlock Paving Blocks and stones can create a warm, friendly and distinctive atmosphere. These interlocking pavers, patio stones and blocks are also easy to maintain and keep clean. If one paver is stained by oil or cracked, simply remove it and replace it with another one. Most landscape professionals and garden retailers suggest that you buy a few extra pavers to ensure that the color and texture will match over the years.

The various other features of the Interlocking Tiles, Interlocking Paver Blocks are as follows:

  • Easy to set
  • Eye-catching designs and colors
  • Eco friendly as without cement
  • High load bearing strength

Paving block


We offer our clients a cosmic assortment of paradise paver blocks or concrete paving block that is a one of a kind eco friendly potential product. Our paradise blocks or concrete paving block can be set without cement bonding so that we can take away and pass on to attend below the ground work. These concrete paver block are available in multicolor.

Easy to put down and available in endless combinations, these blocks are ideal for ideal for heavy-duty floors with an excessive load bearing strength enhancing elegance to driveways.


We invent a wide range of Inter-locking stylish pavers' block which is extensively used in places where chic flooring is required. Our collection is recognized for its extra ordinary features such as elite designs, finishing and richness. We provide our collection of designer pavers includes concrete paver block, interlocking paver block, landscape pavers, paver bricks, paver blocks and paver stone.


  • Easy-to-lay
  • No cement bonding is required and provided for uniform gaps between blocks to allow water to percolate to ground.
  • Eco-friendly concept Ideal to help rain water harvesting
  • High load bearing strength: More than 60 N/ mm2 as against 40 till mm2 allowed for heavy-duty paver
  • Prices are same irrespective of colors
  • Exclusive designs
  • Abrasion resistance of 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm as against 2 mm Water absorption is less than 4% as against 10% allowed
  • Antiskid designs provide excellent floor grip
  • Unique, contemporary and exclusive designs which were not available earlier.


Enhance your standard of living and design a living space that goes with your needs with Oaks Paving Stones. The various styles, colors, and textures offered, harmonize any natural surrounding and provide a well-known appeal. Hold your creative side and select from an array of colors to paint your picture.

Oaks Paving Stones
Stone Patterns and Designs

A diversity of matchless patterns is possible with many of the paver styles we offer. Simple linear patterns to more difficult random patterns are easily constructed.

Building a Circle

Arcadia and Romanesque are two series of paving stone, which offer either a complete circle bundle or circle kit. Circles, fans, or partial circles are made easy for the do-it-yourselfer.

Stone Layouts

Whether it's a classic herringbone, regal running bond, or random layout, Oaks pavers provides it all with the many types of paving stone available.

Paverblock Suppliers


Style Earth Precast concrete (P) ltd is a Supplier of Concrete stonework unit (as well known as paving stones, concrete blocks, paving stones, Interlocking Pavers Tiles, Interlocking Paver Block, Paver Block, Paver Stone, Paver Moulds Paving Stone) are utilized for the mechanism of driveways, access roads, parking lots, streets, plazas, shopping malls, walks, patios, pool decks, floor-to high-quality and other smooth surfaces.They are also inclined to prevent paving highway or railway under-class separate structures or other steep slopes to erosion, especially where grass does not grow to protect the surface. Grid pavers are used, which reduces storm water runoff is desired. Pavers are manufactured in a variety of shapes and colors and are relatively easy to install with only a few tools.

Applications for Pavers (Interlocking Pavers Tiles, Paver Block, Paver Stone, and Paver Moulds Paving Stone) :
Advantage of Concrete Pavers for vehicles
  • Driveways
  • Roadways
  • Parking
  • Streets
  • Floors
  • Soils on Earth
  • Patios
Other uses Interlocking Pavers Tiles, Paver Block, Paver Stone; Paver Moulds Paving Stone
  • Plazas
  • Pool decks
  • Malls
  • Hiking

Why do we need paving?


The installations of precast concrete pavers in place of Indian Cities meet on an emerging field. The designer specified thin pavers for accommodating several parking garages slope changes. Flexibility of concrete allows for a multitude of colors, textures and shapes. Colored and textured pavement can connect the open spaces in the built and natural environment.

The color can be found on the exterior facade or surrounding vegetation related. Pavers are just as beautiful inside as they are outside. Improve from the perspective of the real estate marketing, manufacturing and the prestige value of the property. Pavers can be easily maintained.


See solutions and technical briefs for more details

Reducing the rate of storm water runoff from the site and quantity, Permeable paving blocks (blocks of the grid) can be more rain water infiltrated the area and slow the velocity of the earth rain water running. Infiltration may also reduce the pollution from vehicles. May to LEED Credit SS contribute 6th.

It is Energy savings, Thermal mass flow meters for passive solar buildings and others when used the floors inside. Resistance The compressive strength is at least 8,000 psi.

Maintenance is easy because Units are installed in a sand bed easily removed for maintenance or disposal, if you want.

Concrete Precast

We put forward our customers a range of Standard Concrete Products that is finished available at market leading prices. These products find application in varied areas and can also be customized as per the requirements of the clients. We also ensure that these products are in compliance with industry norms.

Being a primary manufacturer, we are occupied in supplying high quality Precast Concrete. This includes Precast Concrete Box & cement floors these are widely used in various civil engineering and construction applications such as drainage and underpasses. Clients have several requirements, thus to fulfill their needs, we present these culverts in various sizes and dimensions. Client pleasure is the most important factor in our business, thus we investigate the quality of products in various parameters before they are supplied to our clients.

  • Available in a assortment of sizes
  • Customization as per the clientele's requirements
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Easy in installation

Interlocking Concrete Paving Block Manufacturers

As an Interlocking Concrete Paving Block Manufacturers, We put forward an enchanting range of interlocking tiles for outdoor paving. With premium quality raw material, we design these in beautiful designs and patterns, a per client's specifications. Thus, our collection is extensively used for gardens, paths, swimming pools, storage yards, footpaths, landscaped & parking area, walkways, compounds, and public parks.


Clients can benefit a comprehensive range of Interlocking Paver Block on hand by us. Apart from this, we are also mechanized shining pavers. These blocks boast very stylish looks and are in much demand among the clients. Blocks manufactured by us are available in various different combinations of colors.

Following are some of Interlock Pavers' noticeable features:
  • Zero maintenance
  • Strength
  • Cost Saving
  • Easily Reusable
  • Attractive
  • Easy To fit

Why do we need paving?


The innovative generation high quality concrete Interlock Paver is here to stay. The advance is being specified a concrete shape by Style Earth Pre cast concrete (P) ltd Industries the leaders in concrete molding.

Interlock pavers has the exceptional talent to transfer loads and stresses laterally by means of an arching of bridging between units. Spreading the loads over a large area reduces the stress thereby allowing heavier loads and traffic over sub bases which normally would require heavily reinforced concrete. The process of manufacturing these interlock pavers rugged, shapely & beautiful pieces of concrete moldings involves a unique vibration and hydraulic compression.

These inform high compressive strength and durability. Apart from artistic beauty to the complete range of products, it is easy to put in intriguing design consistency and pattern to recurring drives and walkways with versatile pavers available. Different system meet a multitude of high performance task and provide exciting design opportunities for landscape, architects, Drive ways, sidewalks, parking area, dry pots, shopping alleys , ramps etc.

  • Variable force reduction based on the type of sport
  • Durable, uniform elasticity across the whole surface
  • Homogenous, seamless surface
  • Ideal balance between anti-slip and sliding properties
  • easy to set up
  • Non-slip surface
  • Minimized risk of injury
  • Ongoing quality monitoring during production and installation
  • Quickly installed by skilled staff
  • Either waterproof or water permeable
  • Low care and cleaning workload
  • Professional basic cleaning possible
  • Durable also under intensive use
  • Cost advantage: installation also carried out on unbound surfaces

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