Shot Blasted Concrete Pavers, Shot Blasted Pavers !

We are one of the preeminent manufacturers and suppliers of Flexi Pavers, Shot Blasted Concrete Pavers, Shot Blasted Pavers. These pavers are developed by us keeping into consideration the current market trends. Use of highest quality of GRC provides these pavers optimal level of durability and makes them last for a long period of time. We offer these Shot Blasted Concrete Pavers in different sizes (thickness) ranging from 20 mm to 60 mm. A variety of elegant designs make these pavers most coveted amidst our clients.


These Flexi Pavers and Shot Blasted Pavers are widely used in the following areas:

  • Foot-paths
  • Side-Ways
  • Garage
  • Parking
  • Promenades
  • Swimming Pool Decks
  • Corridors & Verandas
  • Foyers


  • Eye pleasing color combination
  • High Strength
  • Low Maintenance
  • Anti-Skid Surface
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Ready to use



Exteriors and Open spaces like Foot-paths, Side-Ways, Garage, Parking, Open areas, Promenades, Swimming Pool Decks, Foyers, Building Compounds, Drive-Ways, Porticoes, Carramps, Corridors & Verandas, etc.- where good finish, antiskid properties or textured look is desired.

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